Seller Objections Script for the “Not Listing Until I Find a Home to Buy” Objection

Learn this seller objections script to overcome objections from homeowners that want to move, but won’t list their home for sale until they find a home to buy first.

When it comes to a seller objections script, this one may be the most useful right now. Inventory is low. Demand, and emotions, are high. Many sellers worry that if they list with you right now, they’ll be in a bind if they don’t already have their next home lined up. Use these scripts and ready yourself to handle the objections thrown your way.


What to say when inventory is low

“There’s nothing for me to buy right now.” Home sellers are experiencing issues finding replacement homes in this crazy, low-inventory market. It is important to have a seller objections script ready so you can easily navigate these conversations.

Seller objections script: replacement property anxiety

This is probably the most common listing objection that agents are being faced with right now. How can you handle this objection? Here are a few helpful tips and scripts.

  • Negotiate to help your sellers. Some agents are negotiating things like “free rent for three months” to allow their sellers time to find a replacement house. Buyers are so hungry right now that sellers have negotiating power. You can use this seller objections script. We have a lot of negotiating power right now. We can ask for a free lease back or an extended closing period to give you a little more time to find your replacement house.
  • Assure your sellers that they won’t be homeless. You can say something like this helpful seller objections script. We can write into your contract that the sale is contingent on finding your replacement home. This is called a seller contingency. You will only have to move if you find a replacement property. You will never be homeless.
  • Share market statistics with your sellers. Just as you advise your buyers on the hot market, you must also advise your sellers. Provide the charts and infographics to back it up and use this seller objections script. If you don’t have your current house under contract, it is unlikely that, as a buyer, your offer will be accepted on your replacement house.
  • Explain that there are plenty of listings. This may not seem evident or easy to explain, so download and share the helpful infographic below. Also, use this seller objections script. We have had an increase in sales volume over the past several years. The listings are out there, and there are more than ever — they are just selling so quickly that it feels like there are no listings.